Executive Producer: Taylor Juarez

Thank you for checking out our podcast! Jordan and I are so excited to be working with this community of wedding film-makers. 

Like Jordan, I am also a wedding film-maker. In fact, Jordan is the one who trained me! I shoot for his company, Ladybird Studios, and am loving every minute of it. I absolutely love weddings and love stories. I am also the Studio Manager for Ladybird Studios. 

I am an all-around creative, artistic, and passionate person! I am also very entrepreneurial and business-oriented. I love being involved in both the artistic and management sides of a business. My experience in both the wedding and film industry has allowed me to network and grow my skills in ways I never imagined. This podcast is going to be such an amazing learning experience. In addition to producing it, I will be an audience member just like you (and a co-host from time to time)--eager to learn and improve my craft. 

Here's to the Wedding Film Academy! It's going to be an exciting ride! Join us!



Wedding Film Academy Host: Jordan Bunch

Hello and welcome to our amazing community of wedding film makers just like you who are eager to improve their craft, their story-telling and their businesses!

I'm so excited that you're connecting with us.  Together we are going to journey towards becoming the best wedding film-makers in the industry!

Along the way you'll meet other film-makers like yourself on the podcast and in the facebook group.  You'll hear from some of the leading voices in our industry.  You'll hear from some of the camera manufactures themselves.  You'll get to ask questions to some of the worlds leading wedding film-makers and business professionals alike.

No matter what point you are at in your career, we all have something to learn and many areas we can grow as business people and film-makers.  Our goal here is to be an encouraging, innovative, inspirational community of co-learners.

We will put out a podcast on iTunes and on the blog every week on Tuesdays with new exciting, motivational content.  Be sure to subscribe to get the latest updates.

Thanks again for stopping by!


P.S. Checkout my personal work if you're into that kinda thing... ;-)