Struggling to Grow Your Business?

Learn to make better wedding films, charge more for your work and book more weddings.

Wedding Video Critique

Wedding Film Critique

Want to learn how your films could be better?  Spend one hour with me going over your best wedding film.  I will watch your film before the session starts to give you a broad overview of my thoughts on your film, then we will watch the film together shot by shot.  You will go away with a detailed plan to make your next wedding film exponentially better than your last!


Personalized business coaching

Personalized Business Coaching

You're an artist.  No one taught you how to run a successful business that gave you and your family financial freedom.  Spend 90 minutes with me as we develop tangible steps you can take today to book more of your ideal wedding clients and make more money off of each wedding.


Wedding Videography Crash Course

Crash Course

Want me to come to your city to teach a one or two day crash course on the art and business of wedding film-making?  Shoot me a message to let me know.  If we get enough people from your area interested we can work together with my sponsors to create an affordable wedding film-making crash course near you!